The Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is a great holiday gift for people who don't have eyes or skin

Consider this gift for the special person in your life who's missing two out of the five senses

December 15, 2013
Jonathan Libov

I came across the Galaxy Gear smartwatch while browsing Fancy.

Take a closer look at all the information that the Galaxy Gear makes available to you right on your wrist.

Having already picked out a traditional watch (which only displays the time and date) for a holiday gift, I don't really have a need for the Galaxy Gear. Other reasons that it wouldn't suit me:

  • I have a general sense of awareness such that if I were walking down the street in West Hollywood, I'd already know that I was in West Hollywood. I don't think I've ever forgotten what city I was in because I got distracted by telling the time. And if I did I could look at my surroundings and probably figure it out.
  • While walking down the street, I know what the weather is just by acting as a sentient being in my environment. I can both feel the temperature outside on my skin and see with my eyes if the sun is out. Over the years I've even grown quite adept at using only my eyes to determine if it's cloudy, or if it's, say, nighttime.

So while this watch isn't for me, nor many other people with eyes and skin, I can imagine a few types of people that would appreciate one as a gift this holiday season:

  • People who obsess over the day's High/Low temperatures
  • People who wander aimlessly by foot from city to city
  • People who don't understand how the sky works

I kid, of course. The Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is, in all fairness, at least a conversation starter. If I ever encounter this Girl With The Finger Tattoo, I'll have a better ice breaker than I do with most women: "Excuse me, Ma'am, do you have the temperature?"