Whoops, I'm Jonathan Libov

I live in New York with my wife and no children. I joined the investment team at Union Square Ventures, or USV, in September 2014.

Prior to USV I was a Product Manager at Appsfire, based in Tel Aviv. I lived in Tel Aviv for five years. I dearly miss slipping on a pair of sandals and meeting a friend at a café in Bazel Square with ten minutes' notice.

A long time ago I also worked at Joost. In a previous life I was a research technician in an auditory neuroscience lab at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. I went to Vassar College.

I got into tech because I love mobile. I've even released a few apps of my own; most recently, Fifty, an app for following NFL football.

Obviously I'm a sports fan. I also like movies, food, and receiving expensive gifts. I can lift 100 lbs. over my head with very little effort.

You can always find me on Twitter at @libovness.