Hello Coindexter

A new resource for researching blockchain networks

July 19, 2017

No choice

Why choice is the last thing people need with their healthcare

March 16, 2017


The best place for junior VC's to hang is on the fringe

August 31, 2016

On jury duty

The thing that everyone tries to avoid which is actually awesome

August 4, 2016

Art, culture and creativity at zero marginal cost

We're moving to a world where machines not only recommend human-created creative work, but one where machines actually do the creative work

May 31, 2016

The pre-market market

The next generation of marketplaces may create implicit listings for things we didn't even know we wanted to sell

April 8, 2016

Come for the science, stay for the network

When "Science as a Service" products graduate into worldwide networks, science itself will change

April 4, 2016

Knowledge is in the world

On knowledge that evolves in software and hardware, in organisms and machines

April 1, 2016

Time is money is equity is growth

How the new incumbents turn to financing services for growth

March 29, 2016